Salmon from Kvarøy (Norway)

Facts & figures

Norwegian salmon
Kvarøy, Norway


Kvarøy is a small and remote island just below the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. With only 85 inhabitants, it offers stunning views wherever you look. Since 1976, Alf-Gøran Knutsen and his family have been pioneering salmon farming here. The icy-cold and crystal-clear water provides perfect conditions for cultivating the finest quality salmon!

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While the island may be remote, it has everything its inhabitants need: a shop, a small school, a restaurant, and even a café.

Farming method

Salmon is almost always farmed in large cages in the sea. At Kvarøy, however, things are a bit different. The cages are less crowded, allowing the salmon up to 50% more space compared to other farms. But what's most remarkable is the feed the fish receive. It's specially made for Kvarøy and is the most sustainable feed available today!

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Alf and his family ensure the perfect conditions for the salmon to stay healthy. And it works so well that there is no need for antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones. It's simply not necessary.

At the Arctic Circle

You need a certain mindset to live on Kvarøy. Mentally, you must be well prepared for the winter conditions and the extensive planning. Alf says, "But it's a beautiful, natural place, and I'm here with a fantastic group who all have the same goal in mind. It's very rewarding work, and we're really doing something good!"

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Norwegian salmon

The farmed salmon from Norway is the Atlantic salmon. You can recognize it by the small, x-shaped black spots on its sides, and of course, by its beautiful red-pink flesh. Our Norwegian salmon is free from hormones and preventive antibiotics, so when you cook with it, you're serving nothing but good nutrients and a hearty dose of flavor.

"We must leave the world a better place."

Alf-Gøran Knutsen comes from a true fishing family; his father and grandfather were also fishermen. He has a clear vision when it comes to salmon farming for the future. "We can make a significant sustainable change in my field. My goal as a salmon farmer is to sustain this for another fifty years before passing it on to the next generations."

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