Greenpeace: Fish Tales only sustainable tuna brand

Greenpeace performed research on seven tuna brands sold in Dutch supermarkets and concluded that Fish Tales is the only supplier of sustainable, tinned tuna. The renowned environmental organisation assessed the way in which the tuna was caught, which tuna species were used and the origin of the tuna.

Fish Tales is the only brand that earns the term ‘sustainable’, according to Greenpeace: “the Dutch brand Fish Tales offers the ultimate sustainable alternative in the tuna fishing industry. The tuna is not overfished and is caught with pole and line to avoid bycatch and to preserve the underwater nature. Another plus is that local fishermen and their communities can provide a living for themselves this way.” (full article: )

We are tremendously proud of this acknowledgement for our fisherman Ali Mohammed and the other fishermen of the sustainable Horizon Fishery. They are the iconic frontrunners in the tuna fishing industry.