Hurray, B Corp! But what does B Corp actually mean?

“B Corp stands for ‘benefit for all.’ B Corp certification evaluates companies based on the impact they have on their direct surroundings, such as the company management and waste policies, as well as the environmental impact of their supply chains. It examines all aspects of a company, which is unique! If you are B Corp certified, it means that as a company, you have demonstrated a commitment not only to financial values but also to caring about people, the environment, and operating with a mission-driven approach.”

What does B Corp mean for Fish Tales?

“Being certified is a confirmation of our dedicated and mission-driven approach. We are happy that we’ve been able to assess this through B Corp and have gained insights into areas where we can make even more impact. Fish Tales is already known as a frontrunner in the seafood catagory, and being B Corp certified once again highlights how unique our approach is! We hope that more seafood brands can soon join the B Corp community.”

What is unique about Fish Tales’ approach?

“At Fish Tales, we operate differently from regular seafood brands. Everything we do revolves around our mission: to continue enjoying the most delicious seafood, now and in the future. This is not a given due to overfishing, bycatch, and poor working conditions on board. This must change. We show that it can be done! Sustainable fisheries and fishing communities are our top priority. We establish direct and long-term partnerships with carefully selected fisheries that harvest from healthy fish stocks with minimal impact on the ecosystem. Everything we offer is 100% MSC certified, and our Kvarøy salmon is ASC certified. We also set additional requirements on the fishing methods and choose the ones with the least impact on the ecosystem. Through direct collaborations with fisheries, we always know exactly where the fish comes from and the conditions in the factory and on board. Through our foundation, the Fish Tales Foundation, we initiate projects to further improve fisheries or explore new innovations. All of this is unique, in the Netherlands and beyond! And not to mention, our products are of the highest quality and incredibly delicious and healthy!”

How does the B Corp assessment work?

“It’s a system with various impact areas. These areas cover your company management, the environmental impact of your products, customer relations and the impact of your supply chain on people involved. Each of these areas includes an extensive questionnaire where you need to provide evidence of your practices. From these responses, a collective score is derived, and if you pass the minimum score, you get certified. You can update this assessment every year to track and report your progress. Because there’s always room for improvement!”

What are our plans for the future?

“With all the exciting plans we have for Fish Tales in the coming years, we will also see growth in our B Corp assessment score. Our plans align nicely with the areas where B Corp assesses. We are actively setting up projects within our foundation, the Fish Tales Foundation. For example, we are working on improving tuna welfare after capture, are searching for alternatives to live bait for tuna fishing and research the fishermen’s income. Since 2023, we have measured our Carbon Footprint and are working on a reduction strategy. All these components will be considered in the next round of B Corp assessment. This way, we are growing towards even more impact.”