Seafood with a mission


Changing course

At Fish Tales we love seafood. We want everyone to be able to enjoy it indefinitely, but with the current state of the oceans that’s no easy feat. Now is the time to change course: if we want the seas to remain a healthy source of life, we have to make some fundamental changes to the world of seafood.

Fish that tells a good tale

We work worldwide with local fishing companies who live and fish in true harmony with nature. We put the fishermen at the helm and make it super beneficial for all involved: by using sustainable ways to catch seafood we contribute to healthy oceans for our future and ensure that small fishing communities can work and exist. This way really everyone can enjoy seriously tasty seafood with a good tale – fully transparent, from catch to kitchen.

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Join us

If it’s up to us, sustainable and transparent will be the new norm for fishing. Together we can make this happen. Will you join us? Come aboard and get hooked!

The Fish Tales Foundation

The Fish Tales Foundation was founded to support the Fish Tales-mission with projects on sustainable fisheries and consumer awareness. Together we expand the offering of fair seafood and step by step create a better world with healthier oceans.

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