Seafood with a story

Seriously delicious

Infinite deliciousness

At Fish Tales we love seafood so much that we want everyone to enjoy it for as long as possible. Unfortunately this is not a given. Therefore, we make sure that we only work with small fishing communities around the world who fish with respect to nature. This way the oceans get the best treatment out there and these unique fishing companies can remain. And better yet, you can enjoy seriously good seafood for much longer.

Just taste it

All our seafood is caught with respect to nature – and we can tell you exactly from which sea or ocean and by whom your fish was caught. As we always like to say when it comes to eating seafood: “Know what you eat, eat what you know.”

Meet & greet

What journey has your meal made? Click on the fisheries on the map and discover the background story of our fish.

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Catch of the day

On our news page we tell you all about our travels, book launches and collaborations – and every now and then we treat you to a sneak peek of upcoming projects.

The Fish Tales- Findex

To catch a big fish, one only needs a little bit of bait. The same goes for conscious decisions: they start with small steps. Every time you choose a Fish Tales-product, our measuring bar rises and you contribute to change. Are you in? Let’s make the number grow!

Fishy dishes

Cooking with fish is more fun and easier than you might think. But be warned: once you get a taste for it, odds are you don’t want anything else.