FischGewiss – The Think Fish week in the German speaking countries

FischGewiss is the first joint awareness campaign of MSC and ASC in the German-speaking countries. The goal is to show consumers that they can have a positive impact on the future of fish stocks and the oceans with every purchase decision – by consciously buying sustainably caught and responsibly farmed fish. We are official partners of the FischGewiss, and we are very excited to share our knowledge with all of you. Because for us it is always FischGewiss, now, and every day in the future!

What does the MSC- and ASC-label mean?

As previously mentioned, FischGewiss is a joint campaign of the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). These two independent non-profit organizations set the standards for sustainable fishing in Germany. But what do these labels actually mean?

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The MSC label can be recognized by the dark blue logo on the packaging and is awarded to sustainably caught wild fish. The MSC label is the most reliable mark for identifying fish from sustainable fisheries. Behind it, is a comprehensive and scientifically based standard for fisheries certification, by which the individual fisheries are carefully inspected and evaluated. A fish is considered sustainably caught if it comes from a fishery that takes into account and minimizes the potential impact of fishing on fish stocks and the ecosystem. [/lgc_column]

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The turquoise logo on the packaging is the ASC label that stands for sustainably farmed fish. Fish bearing the ASC label originate from farms that have a proven track record of working in harmony with nature and meeting strict social requirements regarding working conditions for employees while caring for the local community.


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How do we get involved?

At Fish Tales we are crazy about fish and want to make sure that the pleasure of eating fish will be a tasty matter for future generations. In recent years many steps have been taken to raise consumer awareness and increase the supply of sustainable fish, but unfortunately, we have not yet reached our goal. In order to be able to continue to enjoy fish in the future, the awareness of responsible fish must be brought to the fore even more. This is exactly why we support campaigns like FischGewiss, and we are proud to be official partners of the week. This way we can enjoy responsible fish every day, now and in the future!

Interview with our founder and MSC-ambassador – Bart van Olphen

Especially for FischGewiss we interviewed our founder and global MSC ambassador Bart van Olphen. With his many years of experience in sustainable fishing, he can perfectly explain the necessity of the campaign.


As Fish Tales founder and global MSC ambassador, why do you think this campaign is important?

“It is important to create awareness for sustainable fish consumption, but also to repeat the same message over and over again. This is not a “fad”, it is about the conservation of our oceans. It should also encourage the various brands and fish companies to think differently for the future”.

While travelling to all these sustainable small-scale fisheries around the world, what was your greatest insight?

“No matter where people fish, in the warm tropical waters of the Maldives, on the coast of Alaska, they all share the same natural, ecological way of thinking and philosophy – if we catch too much fish today, there will be none tomorrow. So sustainable fishing is in their mindset, their culture, and their nature”.

Why do you consider sustainable fish consumption essential?

“This is not a choice, but something for which we as consumers and as a fish company must take responsibility. If we are not aware of what we eat and if we do not eat sustainable fish, there will be no fish products for future generations”.

What else can consumers do besides buying MSC and ASC certified fish products?

“Be an ambassador to friends and family, spread the word about the importance of sustainable fish consumption, and create awareness. Talk to them and explain why sustainable fish is necessary.”

What is your favorite fish and also fish recipe?

“For me, fish has something to do with romance. It is the story that influences the taste of the fish. Which fish I eat depends on the place I am in. That’s why there is no ‘favorite fish’ for me.
There are too many favorite fish recipes for me! To create the best fish recipe, I would say: Keep your fish recipe simple. Use high-quality fish from sustainable sources so that you can enjoy fish with a clear consciousness!”

Learn more about the FischGewiss week on the official website!