Jack mackerel from Coronel, Chile

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Jack mackerel
Coronel, Chili

Sustainably caught horse mackerel from Coronel, Chile

Elvis and his crew fish for horse mackerel, internationally known as "Chilean Jack Mackerel". This silver fish from the southern Pacific Ocean is not yet widely known in the Netherlands, but that is about to change rapidly. Chilean Jack mackerel is the only mackerel that has the MSC certification for sustainable fishing. After the Atlantic mackerel lost its MSC certification in 2019, Fish Tales immediately switched to this smaller, but equally delicious and sustainable Jack mackerel!

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The mackerel is swiftly and skillfully canned or prepared for smoking in Volendam immediately after being caught. Just like in many other countries, women play a significant role in processing the fish. In Coronel, about half of the factory workers are women.

Fishing method

The Jack mackerel fishermen from Coronel search for large schools of jack mackerel from purse seine boats. Once they have found one, they encircle it with a net. They then close the net at the bottom, forming a sort of basket. Since mackerel swim in compact schools, they do not catch any other unintended fish species. A highly selective and sustainable method indeed!

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Elvis uses sonar equipment to locate a school of mackerel. With this, he can also determine the size of the fish, knowing whether they are large enough to be caught. If not, he moves on to the next school. The fishery is only active between December and July because the rest of the year, the fish swim on the other side of the ocean.

'Jurel el sabor de Coronel'

Coronel, a quaint harbor town in the middle of elongated Chile, exudes fish. If you ever come here, you'll see countless boats in the harbor and various types of shellfish and fish at the local market. A smoky eucalyptus scent greets you, emanating from a community center across from the market. Women smoke the mackerel on this fragrant wood. With a smile, they call out "Jurel el sabor de Coronel" (Jack mackerel, the flavor of Coronel). As soon as Elvis Daniel's ship and other vessels return to the harbor, the fish is processed immediately by the local community nearby. This short supply chain not only benefits the quality but also ensures that a large part of the earnings and employment remains in local hands.

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Jack mackerel

Jack mackerel is a delicious fish with the highest percentage of omega-3 fatty acids among all mackerel species. Packed with flavor and super healthy! The whole fish is smoked according to a unique recipe or boneless filleted and canned in natural sunflower oil. Whether straight from the can or freshly smoked, its distinctive taste and texture are irresistibly delicious on toast or as a snack.

"My crew is like family."

As a horse mackerel fisherman, Elvis Daniel Macaya Mendez follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. "As a child, I was in the harbor or on the beach every day; I love the sea." As captain, he enjoys his work, even though it means being away from home for more than half of the year. "I've known the crew for so long; it feels like family."

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