Ansjovis van Mariano
Fish tales

Mar del Plata – Anchovies

Mariano and his colleagues off the coast of Argentina catch our anchovies – in a sustainable way, with minimal by-catch. Its anchovy fishery is the only one in Argentina with MSC seal.

From the port of Mar del Plata, Mariano goes fishing with eleven men for anchovy with his boat Raffaela off the coast of Argentina . As a seven-year-old boy he already caught his first fish. Today, for forty years, Mariano has been part of the family business, the only Argentinian anchovy with the MSC seal.

Mariano and his team work hard; a good catch is crucial. “As a fisherman, you often make a big sacrifice: family life takes a back seat,” says Mariano. But all this hard work he does for his family, because nothing makes him happier than to see her healthy and happy. And how does a real Argentinian prepare his anchovies? “Fry the whole fish in olive oil with garlic,” says Mariano.

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Follow the ‘Raffaela’ – the boat of our anchovy fishermen in Argentina – on the map.