Deep-fried potato peels with anchovy dip

  • 4 persons
  • cooking time: 15
  • difficulty


  • 4 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 6 anchovy fillets, practiced
  • 8 rosemary needles, finely chopped
  • white pepper from the mill
  • olive oil
  • potato peelings
  • sea salt

How to prepare

Did you cook potatoes in their skins for a dish? Then make a crispy snack out of the peel.



  • 1 Mix the mayonnaise with the anchovies, rosemary and pepper.
  • 2 Heat the olive oil to 170 °C.
  • 3 Fry the peels in the oil crisp and golden brown.
  • 4 Remove the peels from the oil and pat dry with kitchen paper.
  • 5 Season the peels to taste with sea salt and serve with the dip sauce.