Anchovy fillets in olive oil

Small but strong in taste - these are anchovies. They look a bit like herrings and come from a large family of more than 140 subspecies found all over the world. Anchovies eat plankton and young fish and, like the sardine, are a fatty fish. This variety in olive oil is good for an extra pep in sauces or salads.

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Our anchovies are from Mar del Plata, a popular beach resort by the Atlantic Ocean. For those who walk beyond the colourful parasols on the beaches and the touristy boulevard in the Argentinean beach village of Mar del Plata, you can find a row of docking stations with bright orange fishing boats: the home port to the first MSC-certified anchovy-fishery in the world.

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Fish with a story

Jorge is one of the anchovy-fishermen in Mar del Plata. He's the captain of the boat the "Rafaela". According to Jorge: "To catch the fish, it’s extremely important we use sustainable fishing methods because we want to enjoy seafood now and in the future!"

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Fishing Method

Anchovy-fishermen work with cone-shaped nets which they tie to the back of their boats and pull through the water. Because anchovies swim in compact schools, this method is very selective.

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The fishermen don’t work all year through; in mating season they leave the fish data alone. Not only that, the nets have been designed in such a way that the small, young anchovies can swim right through. Keeping the fish population stable all year long.

Straight from the ocean

At Fish Tales we want you to know what the origin is of your fish and what has happened between the catch and your frying pan. We believe that a fully transparent chain makes it easier to choose for fair products - and to enjoy your fish totally guilt-free.

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