Our team

These seafood aficionado’s (or “afishionado” as we like to call them) work hard every day to get cleaner oceans and honestly good seafood. Together we can make a difference.

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Bart van Olphen


‘Fish is the only food we still obtain naturally from the wild. Therefore, it must not be about what we demand from the sea, but what the ocean gives us.’

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Harm Jan van Dijk


‘Fish Tales is not a brand with a mission, but a mission from which a brand has emerged. Everything we do is based on the premise that we have to start at the source to ensure healthy oceans: small-scale fishing communities that work with and not against nature.’

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Tjebbe Onnes

General Manager Fish Tales

‘We are going to impact the seafood industry for the better! And share our passion & love for seafood and its fisheries with everybody who wants to know it.’

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Daan de Rooij

Product Manager

‘Because Fish Tales is a young company, I get to experience all phases of product development. It’s just very cool to see an idea come to life and become a product with a story.’

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Tim Hendriks

Head of operations

‘To preserve the oceans we must change the way we fish. Fish Tales is a leading brand that stimulates both consumers and the industry to choose for responsible fishing.’

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Iwan Commandeur

Junior supply chain manager

‘A growing company with a great mission, namely to make products with sustainably caught fish. I am happy to be part of this! Together with my colleagues and affiliated fisheries, we supply beautiful products while keeping the fish stock healthy’

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Hester Foppen

Graphic Designer

‘For me, working for a company with a good story is essential. Fish Tales absolutely has one. It’s my job to complement this story visually; how cool!’

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Irene Kranendonk


“I am fascinated by really anything that lives in the sea. At Fish Tales, I contribute to ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy fish and that there is enough left over for a healthy ocean and local coastal communities.

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Orsolya Molnar


‘I feel very privileged to work for a company with such an important mission together with this amazing team.’