Invest in sustainable fish

Our goal at Fish Tales is to fundamentally change the fishing industry. But we cannot do so without you. To realize our ambitious plans we have therefore decided to offer shares in our company. We are looking for shareholders who are not just interested in receiving dividend, but who also want to contribute to a future with healthy oceans and fishing communities. Starting from an investment of 250 euros, you can become part of the change. We would love to welcome you as a co-owner of Fish Tales and a contributor to our mission!

“Fish is the only food we still exploit from the wilderness on a big scale, and we need to be very careful about it”

Bart van Olphen, co-founder

How does it work?

Buying our shares makes you a co-owner of Fish Tales. All shareholders will be united in the Fish Tales Investors cooperation which will buy the shares from Fish Tales Holding and distribute these among the investors.
Your shares will be managed through the Eyevestor platform ( Several other sustainable initiatives have been financed successfully on this platform, dedicated to buying and selling shares.
Download our plan below if you want to know more. Obviously, we will do our utmost to accomplish our plans, but Fish Tales cannot offer any guarantees regarding future results, and a decrease in the value of your investment cannot be ruled out.

What’s the reward?

By choosing to invest in Fish Tales, you are investing in a healthy company that stands for structural change. As a co-owner you are part of a community that will change the world so that we and future generations can continue enjoying seafood. Of course you will also profit from the future growth of Fish Tales. The next 3 to 5 years we will need all our cash to accelerate our growth and increase our impact. But naturally, we expect to pay dividend in the future.

Join our revolution!

You can invest starting from 250 euros and depending on the size of your investment, we offer something fun in return. Reach out to us at or +31 (0)20-6060701 in case of any questions.

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> €250

You become a co-owner and receive a unique Canned Tuna Revolution long sleeve shirt.

tonijntje 1

> €1.000

You become a co-owner and receive a tuna package and a long sleeve shirt.

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> €2.500

You become a co-owner and receive a delicious seafood platter for 2 and a long sleeve shirt.

kreeftje 1

> €10.000

You become a co-owner and receive a sublime mussel and lobster dinner at a superb location and a long sleeve shirt.

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> €100.000

You become a co-owner and travel to Bitung (Indonesia) to join our tuna fishers on a fishing trip! Of course you will also receive a long sleeve shirt.

Fish Tales timeline



Our next step

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We want to change canned tuna forever

By the end of 2024 50% of the canned tuna in the markets where we operate must come from a sustainable source.

Did you know that…

Canned tuna is the world’s most consumed seafood product?
At least 90% of consumed canned tuna is from an unsustainable source?
Human rights violations frequently occur in tuna fisheries?

That’s why Fish Tales has launched the

Canned Tuna Revolution

TCR Logo
We have to change canned tuna! Canned tuna must part ways with unsustainable practices and make way for transparent and sustainable products.

Invest and change canned tuna

Yes, we really can make canned tuna sustainable! A few steps are necessary in this change: we must increase consumer awareness, make sustainable canned tuna products more widely available, and pressure the tuna industry to embrace the change. In order to achieve our goal, we are looking for shareholders who wish to be involved not only financially, but who also want to personally contribute to our mission. We are looking for shareholders who want to help build a community that will change the world of fish forever.

Download our plan

We hope we have inspired you to become a co-owner of Fish Tales. Download our one-pager or the full masterplan for all the ins and outs

welcome aboard!