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Iceland – cod

In Patreksfjörður, Iceland, our cod fisherman Thorsteinn is at home. Together with his colleagues, this fisherman catches wild cod in a sustainable way, which, in collaboration with Fish Tales, is then processed into delicious deep-frozen cod fillets.

Surrounded by centuries-old volcanic mountain walls, in the most famous fishing village of the Icelandic Westfjords, lives Thorsteinn Olafsson. Here in the port of Patreksfjörður is also his boat, with which he goes on cod fishing: the Patrekur.

Thorsteinn has been fishing since he was 14 years old and meanwhile his own son regularly accompanies him at sea. The whole village lives for fishing and everyone takes their share of this local business very seriously. “The work in the harbor, in production and in transportation is based solely on the cod that we catch. All of this is closely linked and this means that the sustainability of fisheries and the health of fish stocks are very important for the employment of the whole Community. If we fish too much and there’s nothing left, then nobody has more work here. “

Find out where Thorsteinn’s boat is sailing right now!

Follow the ‘Patrekur’ – the boat of our cod fishermen in Iceland – on the map.