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Cornwall – Sardines

In the harbor of Newlyn (Cornwall), United Kingdom is our sardine fisherman David. This fisherman fishes in a sustainable manner with his crew on beautiful wild sardines, which are then processed in collaboration with Fish Tales into canned sardines.

The family of David has been fishing for generations on the real Cornish pilchard sardines, a beautiful little fish with high fat content – a fact that makes him one of the most tasteful species. David lives in Cornwall – the Saint-Tropez of Great Britain – and together with his crew he sails daily to catch the best sardines.

David and several colleagues walk to his boat on the long, old cobblestone streets. They speak about the positive changes that have taken place in the past twenty years. “When I was young, many fisheries exploited the fish stocks. There was simply too much fishing. Fortunately, a new era has begun, an era in which we can and must take better care of the health of our fish stocks and oceans. “

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Follow the ‘Serene Dawn’ – the boat of our sardine fishermen in the UK – on the map.