Our sustainable Fish Tales mission for future generations
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Fish Tales is a Dutch seafood brand founded in 2014. And we are on a mission ...
Our sustainable mission

Our sustainable mission

Fish Tales wants to make sure that not only we, but also future generations ...
Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Time for a reality check

The Fish Tales manifesto

Fish Tales likes wild fish! The only food source left which we still gather from the wild in large amounts. Unfortunately, the wild fish in our oceans are suffering. Due to overfishing and irresponsible fishing methods, the oceans are becoming emptier, ecosystems are affected and responsible fishing communities are outcompeted. This can, and must, change. This is the reason we have founded Fish Tales.

The reason
In recent decades modern, destructive fishing techniques and disproportionate scale increases have led to the overfishing of our oceans. The balance has been completely lost. No less than 85% of the oceans are fished to maximum capacity or are overfished (source: World Wide Fund for Nature 2017). If we don’t change this, within 30 years there won’t be any edible fish left. This would be a pity for us fish lovers, but disastrous for the oceans and the 200 million people (11% of the world’s workforce, source: World Bank 2017) who are directly or indirectly dependent on fishing for their income.

The solution…
…is to move to eating only truly sustainable fish! Fish originating from fishing communities which, from generation to generation, have already been fishing with respect for nature. These communities use the right fishing techniques and deliberately choose to fish no more than is healthy for fish stocks.

What is Fish Tales doing?
Fish Tales puts responsible fishing communities at the helm. We are offering them a market, a fair price and long term collaboration. We only work with fishing communities with a genuine motivation to make use of the oceans as a healthy source of food and income in a conscientious manner.

Fish Tales also encourages consumers, retailers and chefs to explore the special world of fishing. We demonstrate that eating fish can be delicious, fun, easy and sustainable all at the same time. At Fish Tales, enjoying the tastiest fish goes hand in hand with a healthy future for our oceans, fishing communities and the next generation.

Together we will make the difference!
We are convinced that our approach will convince people to start eating, selling and preparing sustainable fish. But we cannot do this alone! The more people make a conscious choice and share the Fish Tales story, the quicker we will be able to reach the new standard: only 100% sustainable fish on the shelves and on your plate. Only then will it be possible for everyone to enjoy the most delicious fish, now and in the future. So come aboard and get hooked!

“ We love fish and care about the ocean ”

Fish Tales Vision

Happy Fishermen, Healthy Oceans

Fish Tales puts responsible fishing communities at the helm; we guarantee a market, a fair price and long term collaboration. This is how we ensure that fishermen will be able to use the oceans as a healthy source of food and income conscientiously. Only in this way will we be able to continue to enjoy the beauty and tasty goodness the sea has to offers us forever.

Fish Tales Mission

Ensure the joy of seafood now and in the future 

Fish Tales wants to make sure that not only we, but also future generations, will be able to continue to enjoy the tastiest fish. We believe that anyone catching, processing, selling or eating fish has to take their responsibility – from fisherman to consumer, from our suppliers to our customers and of course Fish Tales itself. Everyone can then continue to enjoy the benefits responsible fishing has to offer. Now and in the future.

Facts & Figures

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